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Thanks to our large number of locations, we have regional roots and maintain multiple media and sales partnerships. In addition, our employees have extensive know-how and industry knowledge, undergo regular further training and are in contact with each other on a supra-regional basis, which enables us to provide a tailored support relationship. At Reservix, we also have exclusive advance booking offices throughout Germany and Austria.

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A working group works together at a table in a Frankfurt meeting room

Expertise at nine German locations and in Austria

There are nine different Reservix locations in Germany alone. In addition to Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg and Berlin, we are also present in Oldenburg, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Mühldorf and Leipzig. are also present. Thanks to our variety of locations, we have many exclusive location advantagesthat you can benefit from when you partner with Reservix. Each of these locations has a unique personality thanks to our employees, which is reflected in our work with regional promoters. The individual spirit of the locations contributes to the diversity and creativity of Reservix.

In addition, with Reservix Österreich GmbH in Vienna an expert who is specialized in Austrian region and is able to respond to the needs of our Austrian event organizers.

Germany and Austria map with all Reservix locations

Dedicated support in the immediate vicinity

Our employees have often grown up in the region and therefore have an excellent understanding of the individual purchasing behavior of local ticket buyers. Many of them can also look back on a career in the event industry and come from various sports clubs, concert agencies, production companies and service providers in the event industry. This creates a culture of knowledge that enables us enable usus to offer you all-rounder to provide you with comprehensive advice and develop your perfect ticketing and to tackle challenges effectively.

The Proximity to regional media and sales partnersalso enables to create flexible service packages, such as the ReSale offer developed for SC Freiburg. ReSale offer. This means that even canceled tickets can be re-sold. Thanks to our local representation, we are also always directly at the action and can anticipate and prevent obstacles. This enablesalso enables us to take your ideas and wishes at short noticewhich allows us to quickly respond quickly to emerging trends. trends.

Direct contact with our event organizers is a matter close to our hearts. For this reason, we carry out on-site visits or invite our event organizers to our location for training, tours or personal exchanges. This ensures that we can offer you a offer you a particularly personal relationship relationship.

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A large network that works for you

Despite our regional roots, no location is left to its own devices. Our employees are in close contact with each other, both digitally and in person. exchange with each other and also travel to other locations for training. This network means that Reservix locations learn from each other, share best practices and support each other. As a result, existing know-how is expanded and synergies are created that contribute to this, continuously drive improvements to our service and continuously drive improvements to our service and products.

As our employees all work with the same software that our event organizers use as end customers, we are all the more motivated to find preventive solutions. preventive solutions solutions. This means that our regional teams can put themselves put themselves in your shoes and respond more effectively to your needs and your events. We can also offer you nationwide network of event organizers, media and sales partners as well as advance booking offices that you can use to sell your tickets.

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Office building in Freiburg im Breisgau with a view of the Martinstor

Our home game advantages at every location

In the middle of the Green City is the headquarters of our company. In addition to your direct contacts in sales and the marketing interface, many other departments are located in Freiburg that deal with the Reservix brand brand. The bundling of teams from the IT area, e-commerce and other areasenables a fluent exchange on site. In addition, the size of the Freiburg site means that there are many team events, evening events and training sessions, allowing newly acquired knowledge to circulate between departments across regions.

Since the of our Reservix software is also developed at the Freiburg site our colleagues in the sales department have a particularly short communication short communication channelto fulfill your wishes with the help of special software solutionspossible possible. In Freiburg, we can therefore guarantee that our team of experts can resolve complex dependencies and any obstacles that arise as quickly as possible to your satisfaction.

Location Mühldorf


Our Mühldorf location may be smaller than many other Reservix locations, but what it lacks in size, we make up for with excellent support support. Many of the event organizers we serve there have known our team for years and stayed with Reservix after the takeover of "INN-SALZACH-TICKET". Thanks to the many years of work of our colleagues in the region, they are well-known and particularly well particularly well networked.

A popular special feature of the Mühldorf location is the the affiliated advance booking office directly in the in-house office. Here our team is in in direct contact with the ticket buyers. This exchange of information enables our experts to recognize which events are in demand from walk-in customers. On the one hand, this knowledge flows into your support relationship so that you are informed about the current demand situation and can plan more targeted advertising measures. On the other hand enables our team to recommend events to recommend events directly to ticket purchaserswhich further increases awareness of your events in the Mühldorf region.

Skyline of Düsseldorf with a view of the Rhine


Our Düsseldorf location awaits you with an all-round carefree package for you. Having worked in various industries in the past, the sales team does not see itself as a service provider working outside the industry, but as part of the industry. Comprehensive specialist knowledge from a wide range of event sectors and years of experience enableexcellent 1:1 support characterized by creative innovations. The expectations of event organizers are not only met, but exceeded. Thanks to constant communication within the team, with other departments and other locations, a fast response time to your inquiries possible. In addition extensive data analyses on ticket sales, newsletter campaigns, traffic and conversions.

On site in Düsseldorf there will also be organizer training coursesworkshops and many personal appointments for the annual meeting or season planning take place in Düsseldorf, which ensures continuous process optimization nothing stands in the way of continuous process optimization. Thanks to our own equipment, our colleagues can also support you support you with box office operations.

Skyline of Frankfurt am Main


The Frankfurt location is situated directly on the well-frequented Kaiserstraßeand is even larger and better connected than our headquarters in Freiburg. Here, countless departments from a wide range of specialist areas are spread across several buildings. From the event system to advertising measures and ticket processing - all departments for our own brand ADticket are on site and communicate over short distances with each other.

The special thing about Frankfurt is that, in addition to excellent advice, support and targeted advertising measures with the help of media partners in the Rhine-Main region such as Hessischer Rundfunk, there are also opportunities for event organizers: At our Frankfurt location, we have the "ADticket STAGE Café" an event event space for cultivating B2B and B2C contacts. The "ADticket STAGE Café" is already known throughout the city thanks to our commitment to the "Initiative Bahnhofsviertel". The space itself is particularly suitable for upcoming events in the Frankfurt area and the associated the associated expansion of the image, reach, customer acquisition and customer loyalty. and customer loyalty. There are no limits to creativity: Cross-media meet-and-greets, exclusive living room concerts and studio recordings have already been held in the "ADticket STAGE Café" - and the range of possibilities is expanding with the help of "Aspasia", which specializes in digital live events. "Aspasia" is constantly expanding.

A customer buys an event ticket at the advance booking office in Frankfurt am Main

Similar to the Mühldorf location, the Frankfurt location also has its own own advance booking office. As an exclusive sales and customer loyalty measure enables the "ADticket-Shop" enables you to market your tickets directly to potential ticket buyers. The excellent training of our employees ensures perfect advice perfect advice, tailored to a wide range of genres. The knowledge gained from these direct encounters about the current demand for events in the Frankfurt area is collected and contributes to the better positioning of your events.

Picture of Hamburg with the Elbphilharmonie


Our Hamburg location is the northernmost of our Reservix locations. Through high accessibility, fast reactions, regional customer understanding and close and a close exchange with our partner location Oldenburg ensures that our event organizers from the northern region also have direct contact persons on site. The expertise of our team is based on our regional ties and close communication with our partners. close communication with employees at other locations and numerous training courses, particularly at the Frankfurt location.

How well the creation of a targeted service package tailored to the organizer works is shown, for example, by the many years of cooperation with the Elbphilharmonie and the Laeiszhalle. The Hamburg team is also in regular contact with other media and sales partners. Another big plus point is the proximity to our locally based press and public relations department which can always be used to quickly clarify questions about the company's public image.

Duisburg location


As Europe's largest inland port, Duisburg is home to a special energy and diversity. Our immediate proximity and regional presence give us the advantage of local partnerships and tackle joint projects, as we often do with Flic Flac and other sports clubs. In cooperation with lms-sport also opens up synergies that result in new ideas and innovative solutions that offer our event organizers real added value. real added value to our event organizers. With the most BL stadiums in North Rhine-Westphalia, we also demonstrate with Reservix in the NRW region special expertise in sports themeswhich is illustrated by potential venues for DFB matches.

Our sales strength lies in fast and competent on-site supportwith comprehensive know-how and careful preparation. In addition, our characteristic "Rheinische Frohkultur" promotes positive cooperation with the event organizers. The close networking with other departments on site also enables also enables a joint exchange about different products and solutions. Thanks to the local presence of our IT admins and Reservix customer support, we can answer technical promoter questions about access control systems, box offices and much more directly and provide a first-class consulting and support relationship possible.

Oldenburg site with church


Regardless of whether you are an organizer from Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony or the surrounding area - from our Oldenburg location, you can quickly reach any northern location. This means that both for our organizers and the Oldenburg team only a stone's throw away and vice versa. This means that annual meetings, seasonal planning and training can be held quickly and easily on your premises or at the Oldenburg location.

In order to guarantee fast and high accessibility, the Hamburg and Oldenburg sales teams are pulling in the same direction. Weekly meetings and reciprocal site visits ensure a good good exchange and any questions can be clarified quickly. In addition, the close cooperation leads to an even distribution of taskswhich leaves enough time for a genuine 1:1 support can actually take place.

Location Leipzig


As part of the fastest growing city in Germany, Leipzig offers great potential for development. Our regional team relies on a local familiar and close contact. Whether simple or tricky questions - thanks to many years of experience and cooperation with renowned event organizers such as the MDR, we can can respond to your wishes in a targeted manner. Our box office expertise and the ability to offer customized solutions for special requirements lead to creative and new approaches that will leave you completely satisfied. The basic attitude at the Leipzig location is therefore: finding solutions together and always Maintaining dialog.

The proximity to other teams is an invaluable advantage here. The knowledge of experienced employees is shared, especially between the Berlin and Leipzig locations due to their proximity. This constant exchange enables it, to achieve even better results together. results together. Thanks to daily internal communication, the team at the Leipzig site is also particularly flexible and all team members can take on a variety of tasks.

Just like at the Mühldorf and Frankfurt locations, there is also an advance booking office at the Leipzig location, the "MDR advance booking office". Through the direct sale of tickets, information about ticket buyers can be obtained here, which can be used to positioning of your events in the Leipzig area. can contribute.

Skyline of the Berlin site


Our Berlin location embodies the lively heart of the German capital. Not only do many internal processes and departments come together here. The proximity to other teams locally and nationally also enables also enables diverse specialist knowledge and to solve tasks effectively while taking different perspectives into account. All of our employees are excellently informedwhich means that tasks, questions and obstacles can be solved across teams.

This is also the other focus at the Berlin location, proactively to react proactively and wishes of our event organizers to their complete satisfaction. satisfaction. For this reason, there are numerous on-site organizer training sessions and personal support meetings. These take place either at our Berlin location or directly at the event organizer's premises in Berlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or other neighboring regions.

Vienna location with skyline

Our feelers in the Austrian region

With Reservix Österreich GmbH, based in Vienna, we have a strong partner in the so-called DACH market. A dedicated and highly motivated team of experts forms the backbone of our presence form the backbone of our presence there. The regional reference is noticeable in every facet and begins with the fact that the team comes from the region. With their in-depth knowledge of the special needs and requirements of event organizers in Austria, Reservix Österreich GmbH has been able to win over numerous event organizers in recent years. From on-site visits to event organizers to system training through to organizer workshops you will find at Reservix Österreich GmbH in Vienna direct contact personsto constantly optimize the processes for selling your tickets.

Our customer-oriented philosophy is also reflected in numerous services: In addition to a high-performance system Reservix also provides the knowledge and tools required for successfultools required for successful ticket sales. Thus social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook can be used by Reservix with creative content about upcoming events. This further increases the awareness of the organizers and the reach of their events.

The intensive exchange across all specialist departments makes it possible to offer a unique service. For example Austrian events can also be played out on the German market and vice versa. This is also possible thanks to cooperation and numerous collaborations with media partners and partners from the tourism sector. The physical sale of tickets is possible thanks to the close cooperation with the advance booking offices "Trafikplus" is guaranteed. This means that ticket buyers throughout Austria can be reached and the reach of your events is increased. reach of your events is increased.

At a time when events are an integral part of our culture, Reservix can Reservix can be your ticket expert, trailblazer and the same time partner. In close cooperation with you, we develop develop customized ticketing solutions at each of our locationsthat effectively make your events a success and also promote your regional identity. Benefit from the diverse resources, the opportunities and support that we can offer you at any of our Reservix locations and beyond. Contact us via our registration form and make an appointment with us. We will be happy to work closely with you to make your event a success.

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