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You can start your apprenticeship or dual study program with us! We live by the motto "Growing together" and enable you to immerse yourself in our corporate culture and operational processes right from the start. This offers you a wealth of valuable practical experience and opportunities for your personal development.

Our trainees at the Freiburg and Frankfurt locations start in August or September, while dual students start in October. If you would like, you can arrange a trial internship with us in advance.

Working student packing and sending tickets
Working student packing and sending tickets

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What we train

What you can learn at Reservix

  • Event managers

    As an event management assistant, your training usually lasts three years. During this time you will learn both at Reservix, in your training company, and at the vocational school. Our aim is to prepare you for the organization, planning, implementation and follow-up of events and to apply the skills you have learned in the context of ticketing at Reservix. At the vocational school, practical knowledge is supplemented by theoretical know-how. The training concludes with a final examination at the relevant Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

  • IT specialist - specializing in system integration or application development

    The IT specialist apprenticeship lasts three years and includes practical phases at Reservix as well as lessons at the vocational school. During this apprenticeship, you will be trained to become an expert in system integration or application development and acquire important skills in the installation, administration and development of IT systems and software applications.

  • Dialog marketing clerks

    During your training in dialog marketing, you will acquire skills in advising and supporting our customers. During the three-year apprenticeship, you will work in various departments and have the opportunity to continuously develop and demonstrate your communication skills, service orientation and organizational skills. You will also learn how to sell our ticketing system and other services, gain an insight into business management principles and become familiar with our IT systems. 

  • E-commerce merchants

    At Reservix, we train talented young people to become e-commerce experts over three years. During your training, you will learn how to manage portals, conduct online marketing and analyze data. You will use these skills to optimize our order and payment processes and design the customer experience.

Dual study program

You can study this via Reservix

  • Marketing and Event Management (Bachelor of Arts)

    During your dual study program in marketing and event management, which you will complete at our partner university accadis, you will learn the basics of business administration. The focus here is on marketing, communication and event management. During the practical phases, which you will complete at Reservix in various departments such as service, sales and marketing, you will write academic project work on exciting topics. This will help you to investigate important issues for Reservix in more detail.

  • Digital Business Management (Bachelor of Arts)

    In the dual study program in Digital Business Management at accadis University of Applied Sciences Bad Homburg, you will learn the basics of business administration. You will specialize in areas such as data security, compliance, digital strategy and transformation, which will make you an expert in digital business. You will apply the theory you learn at university in the practical phases at Reservix, for example in service, sales and product management.

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What our
trainees say

Beaming young colleague in the office

"By going through many departments during my apprenticeship at Reservix, I get to know different areas and gain a wide-ranging insight into the event industry. I like the relaxed working atmosphere and the great cooperation in the individual teams, which I quickly learned to appreciate."

Clara Event manager
Colleague with a view of nature

"During my apprenticeship, I not only experience a smooth process, but also an exceptionally positive working atmosphere. The generous support of my colleagues has opened the door to a wealth of knowledge and skills that will enrich my professional career in the long term."

XeniaIT specialist for application development

"My second apprenticeship and the best career decision I've ever made. Reservix offers me what I've been missing so far: equal participation in exciting projects, insights into a variety of interesting topics, active support in my development and the feeling of being valued. In combination with the open and friendly working atmosphere, you can't help but feel at home here."

LukasIT specialist for application development
Colleague in the Reservix Altbau office with plants in the background.

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