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Our sales and service departments form the heart of our work, in which we work closely with our event organizers and ticket customers. Through continuous optimization and the commitment of our teams, we achieve a high, solution-oriented standard.

A woman sits at her desk and makes a phone call via her headset
A woman sits at her desk and makes a phone call via her headset

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How we work

Areas of responsibility in sales and service at Reservix

  • Organizer acquisition

    Our experienced acquisition experts not only acquire new event organizer partners, but also place particular emphasis on building long-term partnerships and stable networks. Our regional and genre-based approach enables us to offer customized solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of event organizers from a wide range of industries .

  • Organizer support

    Promoter support at Reservix is a key component of our range of services. Through close and committed cooperation, our support ensures that the needs of event organizers are comprehensively met. This includes, for example, the individual analysis of requirements or the organization and implementation of training courses in the Reservix ticketing system. The support team has a great deal of experience in the event industry and is able to understand the needs of event organizers and offer tailor-made solutions.

  • Ticket dispatch

    Our shipping department ensures that tickets reach the buyers safely and on time. We focus on efficiency and precision to ensure that the entire logistics process runs smoothly. We work with modern systems and processes to ensure that tickets are processed, dispatched and delivered correctly.

  • Ticket buyer customer service

    Our colleagues in Ticket Buyer Support are responsible for answering questions, solving problems and supporting ticket buyers across various communication channels. This role plays a key role in increasing customer satisfaction and thus promoting the success of events and our company.

Our work in pictures

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A caregiver sits at her desk and makes a phone call
An employee is standing in his office and ice hockey jerseys can be seen on the wall in the background.
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What our
employees say

An employee smiles into the camera

"My work at Reservix allows me to use my strengths in a targeted way and develop my skills in a great environment. Here, it's easy for me to be who I want to be professionally."

ThomasTeam leader organizer service
The employee smiles at the camera.

"I've loved working at Reservix for nine years because we work with a wide variety of event organizers and you can develop your skills and interests."

MelanieOrganizer acquisition
Employee smiles at the camera. Various jerseys can be seen on the wall in the background.

"With my diverse sports enthusiasm, I feel extremely comfortable in the Reservix sports team, can experience exciting events and thrilling sports duels up close together with my great colleagues, make many new contacts in the sports industry and actively help shape the ticketing processes. "

BjarneProject Manager
A woman stands at her workplace and smiles at the camera

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