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The e-commerce teams at Reservix focus on the efficient sale of tickets and additional items and services via our portals and partner solutions. These include, for example, our strong brand portals and, the stores of our event organizers and our media and affiliate partner stores. Our aim is to create a seamless and customer-oriented shopping experience that inspires customers and motivates them to recommend us to others.

Woman filming another woman with her smartphone.
Woman filming another woman with her smartphone.

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How we work

Areas of responsibility in e-commerce

  • Email Marketing & CRM

    For us, email marketing isn't just about sending messages – it's the art of making personal connections. We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies to create tailored campaigns that are not only attention-grabbing, but also capture our clients' interest and encourage engagement. In our dynamic email marketing and CRM team, we work passionately to develop personalized and impactful communication strategies to reach our customers in the best possible way and understand their needs.

  • Performance Marketing & Social Media

    In our lively performance marketing department, we not only design paid campaigns, but also create experiences. Our team includes creative minds as well as experts in digital media and data-driven strategies. We work together to make the content of our organizers and our brands visible. From search engine marketing and affiliate marketing to targeted paid campaigns on all relevant social media platforms, we use advanced tools to maximize reach and increase conversion rates.

  • Brand Marketing & Content

    Our Brand Marketing & Content team is the beating heart of our brand world. Through the combined expertise of strategic thinkers, creative minds and social media expertise, we not only create content, but also create experiences. From developing unique brand identities to seamlessly integrating high-quality content, we set the standard. Our goal is not only to present events, but to tell stories that evoke emotions and create connections. In a constant dialogue between analysis and inspiration, our team shapes brands that are not only seen, but experienced. Welcome to the creative hub of our brand – where ideas flow and stories are told.

  • Project Management & Business Development

    Our Business Development team helps to strengthen Reservix's strategic direction and keep the company competitive in a constantly evolving e-commerce landscape. This includes the evaluation and development of new services, partnerships and products. Our project managers are also central to the efficiency and competitiveness of Reservix. They coordinate resources, ensure that projects stay on schedule and on budget, and ensure that project goals are achieved.

  • Data & Analytics

    From the collection to the interpretation of data, we focus on precision and clarity. Our team combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of business challenges to develop data-driven strategies that shape the future. Our analysts use innovative technologies to extract clear insights from complex data sets. With precision and passion, they pave the way for data-driven strategies that strengthen customer loyalty and drive the success of our e-commerce portfolio.

  • Content Management & Online Editing

    At the core of our e-commerce division at Reservix is the content management and online editorial team. They are the architects of the digital presentation to create a cohesive and engaging shopping experience. Our experts understand the meaning of every pixel and every word. They feel the language of search engines and rely on powerful SEO texts to ensure that our events get the attention they deserve.

Our work in pictures

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What our
employees say

Elisa sits on a chair in front of a white wall

"You not only create campaigns in the Business Managers of the various social media platforms, but also often create the content for them yourself. You're not only behind the camera, but also in front of it ;)"


ElisaPerformance Marketing Manager
Emre Can stands laughing in front of a light blue background

"The company promotes an open and collaborative working culture. Here we have the freedom to contribute innovative ideas and work together on projects."


Emre CanPerformance Marketing Manager
Julia smiles

"As a career changer, my path led me to Reservix over 8 years ago. Starting as a Marketing Manager in a regional sales team, moving on to the role of Performance Marketing Manager and now leading the Content Marketing team, my journey has always been characterized by development and growth. The opportunity to get involved is what makes working at Reservix special for me."

JuliaTeam Leader Content Marketing
Reservix employees at work on their laptops

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