As a content creator at the Sziget Festival 2023

The Sziget Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Europe for a reason. Not only can you see your favorite international artists live, but you can also take part in various other activities - all on the beautiful grounds of Danube Island in beautiful Budapest. This offers a great opportunity to capture the atmosphere and events. This year we were on site again and Domi from the marketing team even followed the first 3 days live on social media. In total, the festival lasted 6 days, over 400,000 visitors, 50 stages and at least 1000 acts convinced us that it was definitely not the last time on the "Island of Freedom".

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Picture of the festival area of the Sziget Festival

The island of freedom

The Sziget Festival, often affectionately referred to as the "island of freedom" is undoubtedly a place that attracts people from all over the world. The unique combination of music, art, culture and activities makes it an extraordinary experience. From the impressive main stages to the hidden corners where art installations and workshops await festival visitors, it is clear that there is more on offer here than just music. We were able to experience all of this again this year and were thrilled by the diversity and choice that the festival offers. It's not for nothing that freedom is at the forefront, because the atmosphere at the festival is simply special. Colorful, creative outfits and the exuberant atmosphere show that the name of the island is more than accurate. You won't stay hungry and thirsty for long either, with a large selection of food and drink stands was always available. What we particularly liked were the interactive options for organizing your day. Whether yoga class in the morning, a creative art workshop at lunchtime or bungee jumping between the concerts, there was definitely something for everyone to make the Sziget experience unforgettable.

Photo from a drone shot of the Sziget festival site

The role of Reservix

As a ticket partner in the DACH region Reservix plays a key role for the festival. Our mission was to provide festival-goers with a seamless and smooth experience. From the online ticket booking in the run-up to the on-site support by our team at the helpdesk - we wanted to make sure that every visitor had the best festival experience. When we decided to attend this year's Sziget Festival, it was not only a musical adventure, but also a conscious decision to strengthen our strengthen our corporate identity. This year we also had a special focus on site: Content Generation. Vivien and Domi from the marketing team had the mission to capture the festival impressions. In addition to footage of the site and of course the concerts, there was also user-generated content and interviews with festival visitors. We used the recordings for our organic social mediabut we also have the option to use it for advertisements from them.

Dancing group at the Sziget Festival

Content, content, content

The festival magic of Sziget extends far beyond the stages. Art installations, interactive experiences and creative activities fill the entire site. This abundance of visual and experiential content was a goldmine for our content creation. Domi from the marketing team took the helm and brought the festival atmosphere directly to our social media channels. Live updates, videos and photos enabled our followers to get an impression of the festival even if they couldn't be there in person. This marketing measure proved to be extremely effective in increasing interaction and engagement engagement of our followers on the Instagram and TikTok platforms. increase.

The biggest challenge: Of course, the two of us couldn't be everywhere and shoot everything, so we split up the areas over the different days. Our shots should primarily the area, the atmosphere and the headliners. and the headliners. The smaller stages, the campgrounds and everything else that came our way should of course not be neglected. One highlight was definitely the Challenge, German-speaking visitors to convince them to do a little interview in exchange for a few goodies. This allowed us to connect with connect with peoplebut at the same time relationship with potential customers.

Hand with festival bracelet is stretched in the direction of the stage

Not the last time

After 6 days that flew by, it was hard to say goodbye to the festival atmosphere. In the midst of the vibrant ambience, we were able to experience at first hand how diverse and international the audience is. A festival like Sziget can give rise to questions and concerns, which we were able to answer with our reinforcement at the helpdesk were able to answer directly on site. The energy, creativity and unique experiences will stay with us for a long time. We all agree that this was not the last time we visited the "Island of Freedom".

The festival also provided us with a platform to emphasize our emphasize our values, build authentic connections and increase our brand awareness in the DACH region to increase. We are already looking forward to the next festival adventures, where we will be brand presence further expand our brand presence. We won't forget the 30th anniversary of the Sziget Festival in a hurry and the many photos and videos will help us to reminisce forever.

Blog author Domi on the festival site with Reservix jute bag

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