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At Reservix, we know that exciting career opportunities and a central office location are not enough. A good employer is one that offers its employees a good work-life balance and a pleasant working atmosphere. Our shared passion for live events in the field of art and culture means that our working atmosphere is characterized by a sense of community and fun at work. Find out what benefits await you and what kind of music Reservix makes here.

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Our unique corporate culture

As a company that is at home in the at home in the event industrywe feel most comfortable when we do something do something together together. Our after-work events are the perfect placeto to network with colleagues and make new friends. It's not just a place to talk about work - it's a place where real real relationships.

Our after-work events are organized partly by the company and partly by the employees themselves. The latter category includes, for example, the infamous Mettwochon selected Wednesdays, where the Metheart can indulge in feasting, or the Quiz 'n' Grill Eveningwhere delicious barbecues are held alongside the homemade pub quiz.

However, the event of the year is our ever-popular Reservix summer partywhere all locations come together, to feast, sing and celebrate together. If you want to know how it usually works and how the last competition turned out, take a look at our summer party article!


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Feel Good, Be Well

Things are very professional when our star of the after-work hour drops by: Sandro Ciani, our Food & Feel Good Manager. As a trained chef and catering specialist, he cooks, bakes or grills delicious dishes at various locations delicious dishes at various locations or even gives cooking lessons on request. Culinary delights generally play a major role at Reservix! Our high-quality coffee machines, mineral water and numerous snacks are available to you throughout the day. We know that a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink can brighten up the working day. And as a very special treat, there is now also an ADticket Stage Café in Frankfurt!

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Fitness and health

We want to ensure that our employees stay healthy and fit. That's why we offer you Access to Hansefit, a network of gyms and sports facilities. One of our locations also has its own gym where you can work out during your breaks. In addition, twice a week a fruit and vegetable box which provides you with a daily minerals and vitamins daily supply of minerals and vitamins.

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Every child is different

In addition to its headquarters in Freiburg, Reservix has other locationsamong others in Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Vienna. Our different locations are characterized by different rituals and events. While the in-house Humboldt Hall can be used for after-work events in Freiburg, the sun terrace is ideal for relaxed conversations with an after-work drink or the band cellar for jamming together in Frankfurt. At the same time, our colleagues in Berlin start their after-work hours by cooking together in the office kitchen. cooking evenings in the office kitchen and enjoy the view over the Berlin skyline. Depending on the office and location, the office space, the surroundings and also the organization of the evening after work differ, which makes our regular site visits all the more exciting and fun!

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Control is good, trust is better

We believe in the importance of a good work-life balance. That's why in most teams we have a trust-based working time regulationthat allows our employees to organize their working hours flexibly. You can adapt your working hours to your personal needs and thus achieve an optimal work-life optimally with each other. Also: Attention all dog owners! By prior arrangement, our offices are generally dog-friendly and four-legged friends are very welcome.

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If you are looking for an exciting exciting career in the arts and culture and want to work in a company that takes your takes your needs seriously and a friendly and motivating working environment environment, then apply to Reservix today. We look forward to getting to know you! Become part of our team and experience the unique combination of exciting work, great colleagues and fantastic benefits that Reservix has to offer.that Reservix has to offer.

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