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Music, games and a good mood: the Reservix summer party

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Exterior view of the estate with set tables in the background

For us at Reservix, summer usually means a colorful mixture of festivals, open-air events, sports activities and many other extraordinary events. But summer also means that it's time to get out into the open air and enjoy some fun together.richill, play, sing, laugh and dance together. And what's the best way to cover as many of these things as possible? Exactly, at our annual Reservix summer party!

For this reason, every year the entire Reservix family travels from all locations in Germany and Austria to the picturesque surroundings of Leimen in the afternoon to the location "Zauberhaftes Landgut Lingental". Singing performances, party games, a design competition and a DJ provided entertainment, laughter and interaction this year, among other things. Especially the private concerts by Redd and NI-KA (two talented Reservix employees) were the highlight of the evening for many of us. The special moments of the summer party reflected the joy the joy and team spirit that characterize our work culture at Reservix. The importance of community was also emphasized and value on openness and creativity. and creativity.

Company party grounds in Leimen

A picturesque winery in Leimen as an event venue

Nestled between lush vineyards, a small idyllic lake and a beautiful country house with a wood and stone look, we were able to celebrate the summer, Reservix and of course ourselves in the beautiful location "Zauberhaftes Landgut Lingental".

The reception and the reunion were characterized by joy and laughter from the very first second. Because the regular familiarization and visits to other locations we have made correspondingly close friendships with our colleagues from far away. When we get back together in one place, there is always a lot of hugging, laughing and joyful exchanges about life. Of course, the exclusive catering service is just what we need: here's to long-lasting cooperation and deep friendship with the sparkling wine, delicious summer punch, homemade wine, beer or soft drinks on offer!

All Reservix employees can be seen in the picture. They raise their arms in the air.

The special moments of the evening

As usual, the rest of the summer party was was characterized by an excellent atmosphere and a good mood. After an extensive welcome, our event planner Betty and our managers Katrin and Helge gave an inspiring speech. With their authenticity and their funny anecdotes, the three of them made us laugh heartily. At this point, we were also introduced to the evening's supporting program and its secret items. As the day progressed, we could look forward to singing performances by our colleague Nika and our colleague Daniel, various party games, a creative design competition, a DJ in the outdoor area and karaoke in the indoor area.

Managing Director Katrin speaks into the microphone and gives a speech

Towards the evening, the "Zauberhaftes Landgut Lingental" was finally transformed into a a lively oasis of enjoyment and entertainment. Various food stalls with freshly prepared BBQ, burgers, pasta, antipasti and desserts filled our stomachs.

Creativity en masse with GestaltiX

The Reservix summer party is living proof of how much we value team spirit value we place on team spirit, friendly exchanges and a motivating community. community. Accordingly, there were already many special moments during the preparations for the day. Every year, Katrin, Helge and Johannes come up with a new, creative competitionfor which each department has to create something together. This year we were given the task "GestaltiX" This year, we were given the task of "GestaltiX": to design something that would capture the location of the team, the number of team members and their activities.

Two men carry their artwork to the competition

Nobody would have expected how creatively this task was ultimately implemented. From buses to functioning records and interactive design methods, our jury was inspired by all kinds of creative work. A private gym session with Tim in the in-house gymwhere the winning pizza baking course with our Feel Good Manager Sandro, was finally won by one of our sales teams.

A red record with the faces of the team members on it

Our golden throats Redd and NI-KA

The real highlight of the evening was, of course, the private concerts. As the sun slowly sank lower and the water glistened golden, the talented rapper talented rapper Redd took to the stage. With songs like "Lord have Mercy", "90's BoomBap", "HipHop Hooray", "Happy End" and "Denk Dran" he got the crowd going. He himself says that he "couldn't imagine any other employer where you have the opportunity to live out your passion to such an extent. Reservix has certainly given me the opportunity to play the odd gig and I'm very grateful for that! As always, the summer festival was great fun, this year with a lot more stage experience."

Musician redd performs on stage

Afterwards NI-KA with her powerful singing voice and her German soul sounds into the spell of the 80s. She herself describes her performance as follows: "The week of the summer festival was my first week with Reservix. I therefore only knew a handful of my colleagues and saw many new faces in the audience with whom I would be working in the future. That made it twice as exciting for me, of course - after all, you want to impress! But because I was so incredibly nice and open welcome I was able to enjoy the performance and felt very comfortable. I would like to thank Reservix from the bottom of my heart. It's nice to know that you not only on a professional level, but also in private matters! is supported! Let's go Reservix!!! Cheers, NI-KA."

Artist NI-KA performs on stage

Fun, games and victory

Various games, including an oversized Jenga and Viking chessprovided laughter-filled interactions at our summer party. Outside, the DJ got the dance floor shaking. He created the perfect environment to party into the sunset. For those who preferred to choose their own music, inside the winery there was a karaoke area set up inside the winery. We already know that that our Reservix family is full of hot music tips who can elicit impressive sounds from their musical instruments or throats. That's why several of our colleagues once again delighted us with their voices - or skillfully amused us with the obligatory "Tequila" song. Because as it has always been: At Reservix, having fun is our top priority!

Employees sing into a microphone at karaoke

A grandiose atmosphere

The energy of the day was reflected in the faces of the people talking and laughing around the winery. Spirits were high from start to finish, we were simply looking forward to a great evening. Whether known or unknown - everyone was everyone was warmly welcomed and and new relationships were made or maintained. Thanks to the wealth of possibilities, the summer party reflected our individual diversity and allowed everyone to find exactly what they were looking for.

The warm summer nights at the "Zauberhaftes Landgut Lingental" also reminded us that we are more than just colleagues: We are a family, committed to working together and celebrating each individual's successes. The sense of community that was strengthened on this day will last far beyond the summer party. It is a feeling that inspires us every day and drives us to achieve great things together as a team. Our annual summer party is therefore almost a reflection of Reservix's values - openness, teamwork and the pursuit of excellence.

As a ticketing organizer, we know all about it: Special moments set the tone for unforgettable experiences. That's why the Reservix Summer Festival is a true celebration of joy, laughter and community for all of us. It had many individual highlights that sweetened our day and brought us together as a team. us together as a team. There's really only one thing left to say: I hope you'll be there next year too!

So that this happens and your journey with us you only need to take a quick look at one of our vacancies and apply. If there's nothing suitable at the moment, please don't be disappointed. With a little courage unsolicited application we will also be happy to look at these. Either way, we look forward to seeing you!

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